Do you know where you are heading? Successful firms learn to proactively divide their time among producing the work they already have, getting new work and improving their business. How much time to do you spend on each activity? Producing work brings in fees


Are you winning your share of business? Build your client base with proactive, ongoing marketing and stellar business development execution. Most firms want to win more profitable and enjoyable clients and weed out the challenging, unprofitable ones. A great place to start is by


Are you investing enough in your most precious resource? As expressed by author/speaker Jim Collins in his breakthrough book Good to Great, Do you have the right people on the bus? Firms that last multiple generations and through economic highs and lows are the


Is your skill set growing or stagnating? Whether you need a tailored in-house workshop or want to send just one to two individuals to a group learning experience, we have decades of experience developing high-impact sessions for individuals with all knowledge levels. Your needs

“We cannot lower the mountain, therefore we must elevate ourselves.” — Todd Skinner

Wondering what makes me tick? Discovering what makes other organizations tick. Whether you run a professional service firm, a small business or a local government, there’s no one quite like you. Your people, your strategies, your processes, your culture and your own leadership style make your organization different from all others.

By working with a sharp-eyed consultant with big-picture perspective, you’ll gain new ways to harness your assets for improved results. I’ll help you achieve the next level of excellence through your people (your most valuable resource), through your strategies (the road map for success), through your processes (repeatable formulas for ideal execution) and through your culture (what makes you meaningfully different).

I invite you to learn more about the ways we can work together, and to give me a call at 847-421-8440. I’d be honored to help you set your strategic direction, sell your services and sharpen your people.



every way


Seth D. Michael, S.E.

“I have known and worked with Carol Sente for a number of years and have found her to be both passionate and skilled in developing businesses and leaders. In her work with our firm, her extensive knowledge in engineering/architecture and insight into effective leadership skills has increased our confidence in identifying the future direction of our business, allowed us to refine our long- and short-term goals, and improved our business management skills and practices. I look forward to our continuing relationship with Carol, and I would highly recommend Carol to anyone wanting to improve their business and leadership practices.”

Kate Colbert
President & CEO

“Being a good CEO requires being honest and aware of your strengths as a leader. Carol helped me gain some of that awareness by administering a PDP ProScan assessment and coaching me through the results. The deep insights and actionable recommendations she provided have made me, quickly and without question. a stronger leader.”

John P. Camosy
President & CEO

“Working with Carol has been nothing but a positive experience for our company. Carol has helped us with our written responses to RFP’s and especially with preparation of our oral interviews. She comes  with many years of experience in doing both those  tasks (and very successfully I might add) and now we have greatly improved our performance as well. Carol will also be helping with Business Development skills for our younger employees and we are looking to continue our relationship with her firm.”

Molly Hamer
Executive Director

“I engaged the services of Carol Sente Consulting to assist in planning a full day workshop. Carol helped to condense a complicated series of goals into a workable format for a productive meeting. She asked intuitive questions, introduced impactful ideas and worked with me to crystalize complex concepts into a manageable process.

The final product, with Carol’s advice and preparatory planning, was a powerful, dynamic, results-driven meeting with desired outcomes accomplished. I highly recommend Carol Sente Consulting as an effective tool in strategic planning or customized business meetings.”