How Can Carol Help Your Service Organization?


Do you know where you are heading? Successful firms learn to proactively divide their time among producing the work they already have, getting new work and improving their business. How much time to do you
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Are you winning your share of business? Build your client base with proactive, ongoing marketing and stellar business development execution. Most firms want to win more profitable and enjoyable clients and weed out the challenging,
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Are you investing enough in your most precious resource? As expressed by author/speaker Jim Collins in his breakthrough book Good to Great, Do you have the right people on the bus? Firms that last multiple
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Is your skill set growing or stagnating? Whether you need a tailored in-house workshop or want to send just one to two individuals to a group learning experience, we have decades of experience developing high-impact
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we can achieve

so much

Is it time for you to do the following?
  • Discover your firm’s unique client value proposition and align your practices to this model
  • Select key performance metrics that you will continually track in business ares where you need to see improvement
  • Map a plan to your desired destination by defining and executing Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, Time-sensitive (SMART) goals
  • Sharpen the vision, mission and values you communicate to your stakeholders
  • Conduct primary client feedback research to identify team strengths and weaknesses compared to your competition.
Do you need guidance to excel at these critical activities?
  • Set up a strong marketing communication program to increase your leads and market visibility
  • Develop a winning strategy for a “must-have” client and project
  • Learn how to write persuasive RFQ/Ps to position your firm at the top of the “short list”
  • Coach team members to deliver a winning oral presentation
  • Train team members in effective contract negotiation, service upselling and managing client expectations.
Would you like to win by sharpening your people in these ways?
  • Refine your talent selection process to attract higher-quality applicants that match your desired hiring profile
  • Provide leadership coaching to select staff for increased performance and results
  • Design your firm’s leadership and managerial career path model complete with attributes and metrics to keep high performers motivated
  • Develop a fool-proof employee feedback system that includes project completion feedback and robust annual mutual expectation sessions
  • Train teams to work together more effectively based on their leadership and communication strengths.
Choose Carol Sente Consulting for Your Group Training Needs
In addition to the array of consulting services available to you, Carol Sente Consulting also offers in-house and off-site group training, on in-demand topics like:
  • Beyond Interview Strategy & Rehearsal to Impressive Delivery
  • More Effective Trade Show Return-on-Investment
  • How to Work a Room and Build an Impressive Network to Produce Results
  • Building Lasting Client Relationships Through Great Communication and Clear Expectations
  • Project Management for Better Outcomes
  • Negotiation Techniques from Contract to Final Project Completion
  • And much more.