Are you investing enough in your most precious resource?

As expressed by author/speaker Jim Collins in his breakthrough book Good to Great, Do you have the right people on the bus? Firms that last multiple generations and through economic highs and lows are the ones that invest time and money in building a strong team and helping them continually grow to handle new challenges.

How deep is your firm’s bench strength? Do you have a stable of high performers who are getting valuable, candid feedback and are motivated by meaningful career paths and new challenges? Great leaders set annual professional development goals and budgets to sharpen their own skills and those of all team members.

“Whether you prevail or fail, endure or die, depends more on what you do to yourself than on what the world does to you.” — Jim Collins


Would you like to win by sharpening your people in these ways?
  • Refine your talent selection process to attract higher-quality applicants that match your desired hiring profile
  • Provide leadership coaching to select staff for increased performance and results
  • Design your firm’s leadership and managerial career path model complete with attributes and metrics to keep high performers motivated
  • Develop a fool-proof employee feedback system that includes project completion feedback and robust annual mutual expectation sessions
  • Train teams to work together more effectively based on their leadership and communication strengths.


PDP ProScan Surveys: A Powerful Tool for Improving Results with Job Candidates and Current Employees

PDP (Professional DynaMetric Programs) is a system that measures the behavioral traits, decision-making style and energy measures of an individual. Dr. Samuel Houston developed the PDP tool in 1977; it has decades of research behind it with Coefficients of Reliability above .94 for all factors. Carol Sente is a Certified PDP Administrator, and an experienced leader who has used PDP tools (ProScan, JobScan and TeamScan) to dramatically improve results for hiring, creating balanced work teams, promotions and leadership training.

A PDP ProScan Survey can provide managers with an immense amount of valuable information about a job candidate or current employee, including their four cornerstone traits:

• Level of Dominance
• Level of Extroversion
• Level of Patience
• Level of Conformity

Their decision-making style:
• Fact
• Feeling
• Combination

Their Energy Style and Kinetic Energy Level to handle specific tasks:
• Thrust
• Allegiance
• Ste-nacity

• How easily he/she can adapt his/her natural self based on responsibility or situation
• Current degree of satisfaction
• Communication, Leadership and Back-Up Style

Contact Carol today to learn more about PDP measurements and other tools and proven processes for sharpening people so you can grow your business.